Best free YouTube home workouts

Would you like to shed that extra weight from the comfort of your own home?

Trying to get a good workout these days can be a challenge. Am I right or am I right?! Many gyms are still closed. Plus they aren’t always the most comfortable place for those of us trying to lose some of our baby weight. 

You’ll be super happy to know I’ve curated some FUN FREE YouTube workout videos below for all levels of living-room athlete. 

These are workouts that you can do at anytime...even with your family. No equipment needed! 

They’re short enough so you can’t say you don’t have time. Combine them or do them twice for a longer workout. Get the kids or hubby to participate. 

Like what Nike always says. Just. Do. It. 

The key is consistency. So exercise regularly, be mindful of what you eat and you will be able to shed that baby fat in no time!

Now go put on your workout gear and let’s get moving! 

The first video on our list gives you a nice slow start to get you warmed up and demonstrates active stretching movements that will help prevent injury if you aren’t used to vigorous exercise yet. 

The ladies who lead the workout are enthusiastic, sassy and positive which really makes the workout easier to follow and get into.


You won’t need a load of space or time for this workout, meaning it’s a perfect option for when you have a little time away from the kids.

Disclaimer: Wear your most supportive sports bra for this one girls, or risk getting knocked out! 

Speaking of getting knocked out, this next workout is a great challenge with some interesting, fun exercises. 

Over 10 minutes you will kick, squat, punch and crunch that stubborn baby weight away whilst learning some new moves to impress your partner (Or survive putting a determined toddler to bed).

This is a little more challenging than the last workout, but gives plenty of rest between exercises.


Boost Metabolism.  Burn Fat.  Curb Appetite


Did I Just out myself as a huge ABBA fan?

This workout uses the soundtrack of the popular musical Mamma Mia to help us Mamas on our weight loss journeys. The movements are pretty straight forward and the music is so classic you can’t help but sing along (if you can breathe!). If ABBA aren’t your thing, you can check out some of Kyra Pro’s other workout videos with songs from other musicals, artists and even Disney movies! 

This next video is an awesome option for Moms who want to burn some calories alongside their little ones. A great way to find time to exercise is to include them in your workout. 

Not as an kettlebell alternative, but as a workout buddy to help push you and make exercising a little more fun. 

In the video you will crawl like a bear, hop like a frog and jump around like a penguin. These are pretty great full 

body exercises disguised as animal movements to inspire the little ones to get involved. 

For extra fun, ask the kids to come up with some of their own animal movements to add to the workout! 


The last video on our list is another one that is perfect for the whole family! 

The leader of the workout has four awesome little assistants that demonstrate all the moves. This workout has both cardio and strength elements, as well as coordination building moves to help your little ones work on controlling their bodies. 

Unlike some of the more ‘dancy’ options, this workout is great for boy-moms and reluctant partners that want to get involved too! 

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