Keeping kids healthy during Covid

Winning at ‘mum things’ during the COVID pandemic sure isn’t easy. I mean, it’s definitely a positive to spend more precious time with our little ones, however being unable to leave home for extended periods of time poses some unique problems.


In a time like this, you need some innovation and creativity, along with a whole load of positivity to keep everything going smoothly; especially when it comes to the health of you and your babies. 

Here are some general tips on how to keep health and happiness levels high in your household, whilst reducing stress and anxiety. (Some may even keep the kids entertained long enough for you to get some work done!)

Get Active

It may seem like an obvious one, but if your little angel is at school or nursery all day, they are most likely running around like a wild thing and burning a ton of energy. 

Using this amount of energy whilst stuck inside is likely to end up with you cleaning little footprints from the walls and ceilings of your home, so I advise making the most of the time you are allowed to go out for fresh-air every day.



Rev Up Metabolism.  Burn Fat.  Curb Appetite

Get some comfortable clothes on and head to an open and safe space for you and the family to move around. You could play catch or football to give you and the little one a run around and build coordination. 

Get them riding their bike, or creeping around looking for some of the animals that may be easier to spot now the streets are little quieter.

Don’t worry if you are no good at these things, it’s the effort that counts and you can always wear your mask to hide your shame!

Indoor Activities

If you aren’t able to get outside because of where you live, the weather or any other reason, don’t despair! You can still be active indoors, it just might take a little more creativity. 

I love to utilize some of the fantastic tech we have in the house to create workouts that the whole family can join in.

Console games like Wii Fit, Just Dance or Beat Saber are really awesome tools that are designed to be exhausting, addictive and HILARIOUS. They don’t need a huge amount of space and usually have difficulty settings for all levels of players.

If you aren’t sold on MORE video games in the house, that’s no biggy. You could check out some of the awesome free dance-along fitness videos on YouTube for free. There are lots of simple, child-friendly routines with Disney songs that can be just as entertaining. 

My personal favorites include popular bodyweight workout movements disguised as animal actions in a wonderfully WILD workout. 


I don’t know about you, but my little ones always seem to get hungry when they are bored (It must be in their DNA!). 

Keeping them away from the fridge is going to be impossible so try to keep some healthy snacks around the house to avoid filling them full of sugar. A recipe for disaster! 

If you feel up for it, you could also show them some simple food-prepping and cooking techniques, stressing the importance of healthy eating. It’s a life skill after all! 

Last but no least, make sure they wash their hands often to keep all the germs (and viruses) away!

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