Meet Tatch

Hi mama! I’m Tatch - a woman and a mother on a mission to save us moms from the surprisingly and shockingly painful punch in the boob that is called motherhood!

If your internet search “How to feel like a human again after breaking your lady bits only to be covered in poop and dried vomit all day” has led you here, then let me say WELCOME! 

No need to pull a comb through your hair or brush out the crumbs of toast still in your cleavage since yesterday on my account. 

No shame in the momma game. BEEN THERE! DONE THAT! Got the kids and stretch marks to prove it.

I was just like you. A highly functioning, multi-tasking woman doing it ALL. 

I had my Wonder Woman knickers on and nothing could stop me! Career…check, relationship…check, life…check. 

And then BOOM…two kids and many years later and I was lucky if I managed to get my shoes on the right feet.

I was TIRED. But I couldn’t afford to be. I had a household to run, kids to bring up and a husband who also needed his belly rubbed (there’re only so many times you can get him to rub his own).

I was living in struggle town - no wait - I was the MAYOR of struggle town.  I needed help. I needed to add ‘ME’ onto my things-to-do list. I had amazing kids and successful career but I had failed to take care of myself. But that’s motherhood right ladies?

Of course I’ve tried countless products in my life but nothing gave me the results I craved. And then I’ve realized that there was no product out there that’s made just for a mom like me.

So I put on my thinking hat and started doing some research. I’ve decided to go back to my Asian roots and experiment with different science-backed herbal ingredients, and I discovered a formula that made me whole again.

These products have been life changing for me so I am so excited to be able to share them with you with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Made just for moms right here in the US of A, they are 100% natural with no icky craps of chemicals whatsoever.

If you are still here reading, I thank you! Don’t lose hope. You are going to feel like yourself in no time.  The power of self-care can mean the difference between being an awesome mom and being an awesome mom who also looks after herself.

And now that my energy is boundless without limit, I’m already working on my next product line so watch this space for more amazing things coming your way.

- Tatch, Founder of Ruby Pineapple